Solibri puts you in control of model quality

The right tools for the right people, Solibri takes your quality assurance to a whole new level and helps ensure the information flows seamlessly from design to build. No more hiccups - the future of building better is here.

Whether you're a BIM manager, architect or a designer, if your strategy for any project is to ensure you build correctly first time, every time - then our world-class quality assurance is for you.

To carry out a project successfully, you need top-notch coordination and communication between all the involved parties, highly advanced model checking as well as information takeoffs and classifications for various uses and visualization of the data, and that all is brought to you in Solibri Office (SO). It's the complete solution to meet even the toughest QA/QC needs.

It's for those at the heart of the project

The users of Solibri Office produce the information that is crucial for all the parties such as the on-site teams and managers as well as the building owners. The data is pulled from the models of various disciplines created in authoring tools and combined into a single model in Solibri for checking the model quality, communicating found issues between all the involved parties, taking off much more than just quantities and classifying the model components to tag, label, map and structure the information with a highly capable toolset for, for example, further information sharing.

It’s for those who know their rules

Solibri’s quality checking is based on both pre-defined and customizable rules, out of which you select which ones to use. We offer the best pre-defined rules on the market for checking not only model quality, but much more – imagine the ability to consider everything regarding, for example, the comfort of use in your newly constructed building, including details like thoroughly planned accessibility or perfectly sized and angled parking spaces.

On site, you don't need the full array of functionalities - you just need the ones that provide you the relevant information timely and reliably, to help you get that model turned into an actual building.

That's what Solibri Site (SS) is for.

It’s for those who make it happen

Site managers and others responsible for the on-site operations must be able to ensure the building at hand can be built. With Solibri, the information flows seamlessly from the office to the site and back, as you can view and comment on the models while on-site, making the communication with the designers and BIM managers smoother than ever. To top that, you can produce all the information needed on site directly from the models, without a need for manual data transfer, let alone pen and paper. It’s time to enter the digital era of construction sites!

It’s for those who do quantities

Knowing what you need and how much is crucial for proper on-site management, and Solibri makes it easier than ever. We don’t just offer you quantity takeoffs, we go further – our flexible information takeoffs allow you to mine the data you need and much more. You can extract all the information directly from the model, on site, right when you need it. What’s more is you can tag, label and structure models to classify their components in meaningful ways. The classifications can be used both for running quality checks and also for facilitating communication – for example, you can focus only on a given area of interest, whether that be ventilation, windows, electrical system or anything else included in the model. Use information takeoffs together with classification and get yourself a very powerful combination – the one that could dramatically impact the way you work.

When you have multiple users doing model checking and more for multiple builds, you need your software to adapt to the changing needs of different roles and different projects.

That’s where Solibri Enterprise (SE) gives you all you need. It’s the customized solution for maximum scalability and ease of wide-spread use.

It’s for large companies with large projects

Being able to manage the end-to-end workflow of large construction projects with various large teams and ensuring everyone is always working with up-to-date quality data is crucial for delivering your builds on budget and on schedule. The full-featured package of Solibri offers you not only all the world-class capabilities of quality assurance, issue coordination and information takeoffs, but also a possibility to automate your checking and to scale the number of users as needed.

As fans of seamless and open information flows, we at Solibri believe that quality information should be easily accessible for all those who need it in your project.

That’s why we offer Solibri Anywhere (SA) for everyone – for free.

It’s for those who need to see what gets built

In any building project, there are those who design and manage, and those who actually build – which is why the relevant information must find its way efficiently also to those who are on site.

It's for the doers

The daily work at the construction site is often split between various teams or subcontractors, each focusing on individual tasks assigned to them. For that, you need effortless ways to check only the relevant information for getting each task done without confusion or delay.